Public Service Management : Ministry of the Public Service Goals for 2010/2011
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The Ministry of the Public Service is once again proud of its accomplishments for the year. The ministry's vision is to continue its duties in the most professional, highly motivated and responsive manner especially when it comes to the delivery of services to the needs of its stakeholders.

Our Goals for 2010 includes:

Goal 1.1- Government of Belize will be transparent and accountable in its affairs.

Objective: Enhance the availability

and public access to information on goverance.

• the rule of law

• accountability structure

• standard of GOB'S standards and policies.

Goal 2.1 - To ensure compliance with established regulations.
Objective: Introduce a Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PM &E) system for th Public Service.

Goal 2.2 - To introduce a Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Public Service.

Objective: Establish a reward and incentive programme for compliance and quality service

Goal 3.1- To improve customer service delivery.

Objective: To promote the development and use of service charters in the Public Service.

Goal 3.2- To achieve greater efficiency in the use of public resources (value for money).

Objective: Promote the use of ICT with e-government as the driver.

Goal 4.1- To control proper distribution and utilization of Human Resource in the Public Sector.

Objective: To ensure adequate staffing at each Ministry/Department for greater efficient functioning.

Goal 4.2- Develop Performance of Management Policy.

Objective: To develop guidelines for performance standards for the Public Service of Belize.

Goal 4.3- Define and establish the public service leadership.

Objective: Introduction of Public Service Bill.

Goal 5.1- Ensure proper management of Human Resources (HR) of the Public Service.

Objective: Improve and standardize human resources management practices.

Goal 5.2- Institutionalize Capacity Building and Skills Development for the Public Service.

Objective: To strengthen mechanism geared towards human development.

Goal 5.3- To improve the image of the Pubic Service and public officers.

Objective: To raise moral motivation within the Public Service.

Goal 6.1- Effective Electoral Management.

Objective: To build confidence in and respect for the Public Service.

• To satisfy the requirements of the (ROPA)

• To maintain a professional, impartial independent and efficient electoral service delivery.

• To develop and introduce processes that promote and maintain efficient free and fair elections.

• To modernize the election process.

Goal 6.2- To deepen the democratic process and encourage greater participation in elections.

Objective: To increase the number of registered electors.

• To maximize the number of persons who participate in the democratic process and exercise the right to vote.

To maintain boundaries that are equitable and which are representatives of the population.

Having the participation of all stakeholders while working towards these goals can assure us a better improve and constructive Public Service for our country "Belize".

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